Welcome to the fortiss Smart Energy Systems group website. Here you will find the latest news, project information and resources.

Let´s start with a bit of history: by the end of 2010 fortiss was awarded some funding to build up different demonstrators. Some of the funding was used to built the fortiss Smart Energy Living Lab. The first devices were a solar plant, a battery backup system, energy meters and home automation devices. The goal was, and still is to built up the  software of a self-balancing smart grid node in an office environment. A first version of this software was developed in 2011 by two students and has been running constantly since 2011.

In 2011 we openend a new field of research which is focusing more on the Smart Grid side and Virtual Power Plants. In 2013 we started a project on developing a new system for managing virtual power plants.

Since the beginning of 2014 we are working on a new version of the software, which is built to run distributed on several low cost, low energy devices (e.g. raspberry Pi´s). We also started to get to work on some mobile apps, where office  can control and monitor their room. More about the Living Lab project and some demonstrators can be found in the projects page. The demonstrators include an Infoscreen with the latest status of two rooms at fortiss, a data selector, where you can download various data from our devices and a forecasting visualisation of our own energy consumption and the solar power generation.

During that time, we built up knowledge and competencies in the research on building automation, smart grids and smart energy systems. This was also supported by various research projects in the smart energy domain. We are interested to participate in collaborations and research projects, so if you have any idea, just drop us an email. Also we offer our living lab as playground and infrastructure, so if you have any ideas, hardware or whatever, we will be glad to talk to you.